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Why Kirkland Insurance?

When is the last time someone really took the time to listen to your needs? We offer you solutions to problems, but more importantly, we explain why those solutions are being offered. You will know about everything that is available. We help you make an informed decision and you’re always in control.

  •   So thankful for Chris's patience and perseverance with me as I sought the best coverage for my family. He answered every question and went above and beyond to make sure we secured the best rate.

    thumb Eric P.
  •   Chris Kirkland has been our insurance guy for over 12 years. He is absolutely the best medical insurance broker we have ever had. From just the smallest things to major changes in insurance he can handle it all. He is always friendly and energetic. Always a pleasure to speak with and gets the job done. Anytime we have friends or family asking about insurance or how to obtain insurance we refer them to Chris. If your looking for insurance and have had a bad experience your best bet is to contact Chris at Kirkland insurance he will make your job easy.

    thumb Marcella G.
  •   Chris is great - got me off a plan I thought was terrible and brought me onto a plan that was just what I wanted and was even more affordable than what I had before. Aside from this, I felt like he really knew what he was talking about and was interested in getting me what it was that I wanted. Thanks, Chris!

    thumb Beyond Boundaries Yoga I.
  •   It's so hard knowing what insurance is the right one, at the best price, for the type you are looking for. But it was effortless with the help of Chris at Kirkland Insurance Services. He is so knowledgeable about all types of insurance and he's good at listening to your needs and finding you the best possible insurance. Every year he goes over my policy to make sure it's still the best one for me.
    I would highly recommend Chris, and he has a great personality to boot!

    thumb SHARON T.
  •   You won't find a more knowledgable insurance professional in my opinion. Chris met with us on short notice. He went through our options for life insurance, and then presented us with plans that will save us money, insure us longer, and provide more coverage. We have been USAA customers, so we thought we had the best coverage at the best price.... we were wrong! He was easy going, extremely professional, funny, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Kirkland Insurance. I've already told a neighbor about him.

    thumb Jeff R.
  •   In the ever maddening world of health insurance, I found Chris Kirkland many years ago and he has handled my insurance needs for myself and my family ever since. He has always taken the time to explain in great detail the many options that were available to me and has always taken the lead in getting me down the road with the best coverage....(if there is any that actually exists since Obama care has taken over) I am a truly loyal customer when I am taken care of and I also will be the first to leave if I am not properly serviced......If any of my clients are looking for someone to help them with their insurance needs, I feel most confident in referring Chris to assist them.... I look forward to having Chris represent me for many years to come and you will find him to be the an agent that will address your personal needs.

    thumb Mark F.
  •   It's the end of 2022 and of course I'm bombarded with calls & mail trying to get me to sign up for all kinds of insurance coverage. The calls & adds sound so good with so many benitits at $0 cost. It's mind boggling to really know whats a scam or even a good program, but the question is it good for your particular needs as each person is in a different situation. This is where Christopher Kirkland has come to my rescue again. He so patiently went over my plan with me, answered my questions & explained everything in detail so that I could understand it. He never pressures me into getting something & always lets me make the decision to have the best insurance coverage for my needs. He's also so knowledgeable about what's happening in the insurance business. It's such a load off of my shoulders to have someone you can truly trust with such an important matter. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for insurance coverage.

    thumb Brenda M.
  •   My wife and I have been one of Chris' clients for a few years. We get other agents calling on us but we are loyal to him because he is the absolute best. Chris is passionate about insurance and it shows in his knowledge of the various plans and how he's able to demonstrate how one plan will meet our needs over another one. I'm confident it's not because he is trying to sell us a plan he will make a bigger commission on. I can see right through someone who does that. He truly looks out for our best interests. It's about personal integrity which I believe he has. I already referred him to one person who was very impressed and thanked me. I highly recommend Chris to anyone.

    thumb Bob R.
  •   I have been working with Chris for so many years now I cannot even count them. He has managed all my personal insurance needs along with my mom's and I have referred him to many of my friends. I travel A LOT and Chris always take care of my travel insurance whether it is us or international I am always covered. He is super responsive and always provides me with the best recommendations for me, not for him. He explains it all in plain English so those of us that do not understand all the insurance talk he lays it out. My travel insurance has been so great that when I am on vacation, I can really relax knowing no matter what I am covered: whether it be my car rental insurance (no more upcharges from the rental agencies), a prescription I forgot, major medial, emergency medical flight off an island, you name it I am covered. Chris has always been the best and you can not go wrong. I have so many friends in the insurance business, and I call Chris every time. He is the best.

    thumb Dani Lyn B.
  •   Owning your own business means paying for your own insurance. If you want the best policy at the best price for you call Chris. He helped get a plan for our family of four. We now have free doctor visits, where as before I had to pay fifty percent. He is extremely knowledgeable but he is happy to get to the bottom line if that's what your after. Support your neighbor hire Chris, you'll be happy you did.

    thumb Melissa M.

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